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BH-C1200 Non-woven Cutting Machine with Ironing

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Name: BH-C1200 Non-woven Cutting Machine with Ironing

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This machine is the most advanced non-woven cutting machine curently.it is special in non-woven piece of material.it is with automatic handle when cutting non woven fabric,mainly for non-woven manual sewing bag,wine bags,gift bags,greatly reduce the labor intensity,improve work efficiency and save cost,is the best of the non woven cutting and handle sealing equipment.
1:The machine adopts computer control system,stepping motor control cutting,photoelectric tracking,automatic rectify deviation,no material alarm,host frequency conversion,tension control,ultrasonic welding.etc.
2:After folding,welding the handle-ring on the material by the two side soft handle sealing machine,Then cut it out.
3:Cutter parts,adopt the heavy quality tools to cut.the product in order and no sharp edges.
4:Simple operation,high precision intercept,mechanical stability,low noise advantages.
5:Conveniently and quickly installation.
6:Technological process:feeding-folding-ultrasonic welding stripe-cutting-counting-finished product.
 Type  BH-C1200
 Production Speed   30-70pcs/min
 Bag Width   500-1100mm 
 Bag Length  280-800mm
 Loop handle length  60-100g
 Loop handle thickness  380-600mm 
 Bag making thickness  35-120g
 Power Supply  380V/220V
 Total power   13KW
 Overall Dimension(L*W*H)   6500X2300X1800mm
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