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Automatic Oval Digital Printing Machine

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Name: Automatic Oval Digital Printing Machine

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Suitable for water slurry, oily ink, thermosetting ink, mucilage printing craft and ect, flocking as its standard function configuration, is the best weapon of cutting piece, all kinds of garment printing, and flocking processing. Can be used in Garment,T-Shirts,Bags,Socks,Clothes,Non-Woven,Fabric,Paper,Leather,PVC Board,Sticker and etc.
1.Full automatic and with flash dryer
2.Only need 2~3 people to operate
3.Every color can print individually:in 6 color, if you only want to print one color, it's no problem, it will only one color printer working (you can turn off other 5 color printer and set up print times for one color in control center)
4.Can adjuster the height automatically
1.High precision--the technology is advanced, mature and stable, machine set of precision error between ± 0.02 mm, effectively improve the rate of good printing products, to improve the quality of printing.
2.Suitable for a variety of printing process--using the print head, oven, cooling arrangement, can produce all kinds of slurry, especially suitable for the water slurry, mucilage, printing ink, thick version, printing, foam and other printing process.
3.Can custom color number--can according to customer needs, custom of 6 ~ 20 kinds of color automatic printing machine.
4.Solid printing effect -- one color one oven, greatly improving the production efficiency, increase the fastness of printing.
5.High efficiency and capacity--one machine can print multicolor, can also be used as a production lines;Only need 2~3 people to operate, save manpower, and improve efficiency, greatly to replace the traditional manual screen printing.
6.More convenient operation--the unique screen frame fixed way, don't need to take down the screen frame to clean it, to ensure the stability of printing precision; the water cooling workstation, effectively reduce the water mucilage plug mesh.
7.Without being limited by the screen frame -- small or big size screen frame can be general, all the screen frame of company original can be used, it can be used in machine or manual; large cutting, garment printing is not restricted.
8.Stable printing and long service life - the unique transport of platen, with no chain transmission structure, increase the stability of the equipment and extend the life of the equipment. 9.Environmental protection low energy consumption, the printing machine only need 0.5 times gas consumption of normal machine; low-power mobile rotating oven, suitable for the any size of printing area.
 Type  BH-T6s  BH-T8s  BH-T10s  BH-T12s  BH-T14s  BH-T16s  BH-T18s  BH-T20s
 Printing color Number  6colors  8colors  10colors  12colors  14colors  16colors  18colors  20colors
 Station Mumber  16pcs  20pcs  24pcs4  28pcs  32pcs  36pcs  40pcs  44pcs
 Max printing dimension(LxW) 500x650mm
 Max Station dimension 520x750mm
 Max screen frame dimension 680x900mm
 Machine Length  670cm  830cm  990cm  1150cm  1310cm  1470cm  1630cm  1790cm
 Machine Width 350cm
 Machine Height 180cm
 Machine Weight  2100kgs  2600kgs  3100kgs  3600kgs  4100kgs  4600kgs  5100kgs  5600kgs
 Overprint Precision  ±0.02mm
 Air pressure Specification 0.6MPa/0.8MPa (After drying and filtering can be used)
 Print head power Driver 750W(every printing head servo motor)
 Total Power Consumption  7.5kw  9kw  10.5kw  12kw  13.5kw  15kw  16.5kw  18kw
 Every Oven Max. Power  8kw
 Power Supply Parameters Three phase 380V,50Hz
 Production Capacity 900pcs/hour
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